Moniker Change

After a year long review, the "Braves" Moniker was retired on June 9, 2021. During the weeks following, Bishop Blanchet conducted a competitive search for a professional firm to hire and guide us through the process of determining a new moniker, and subsequently a new mascot. We are excited to be underway in making plans for our future!

The first big step was creating a Moniker Advisory Committee that will be working to ensure a comprehensive and inclusive strategy, to advise the BBHS Board of Directors on the naming process, and to rollout the new moniker (planned for spring 2022) once the Board makes a final decision. The committee members, listed below, began meeting in July 2021 - and as part of that plan, a student focus group was also formed that is comprised of 22 students.

During September, we are inviting community members to provide feedback via an online survey sent to current students, parents, alumni, faculty and staff and other stakeholder groups. Education and engagement will be key themes with our students during this time, to ensure a good understanding of the process.

Thank you for your patience as we endeavor to consider all aspects of BBHS tradition, values and mission in the moniker process. We will be keeping this page updated with the latest information and links.

Moniker Advisory Committee members 
(in alphabetical order)

Mary Williams Beard, BBHS Director of Development, Parent ’21, Alum ‘81
Tony DeSapio, BBHS President
Julie Gallaudet, BBHS Director of Marketing and Communications, Marketing Committee, Parent ‘17, ‘18, ‘21, ‘23
Sean Gaskill, BBHS Athletic Director, Head Coach Golf, Alum ’02
Laura Meaux, BBHS Director of Educational Technology, ASB Advisor, Marketing Committee, Alum ’01
Korrie Miller, BBHS Board of Directors, Mission Committee
Yvette Moy, BBHS Board of Directors, Marketing Committee, Parent ‘20, ‘25
Karen Rich, Marketing Committee, Parent ‘24
Morgan Roe, BBHS Faculty: Social Studies, Assistant Coach Cross Country/Track & Field, Senior Class Moderator, Alum ‘14
Ian Turner, BBHS Faculty: Math, Head Coach Tennis Team, Assistant Coach Cross Country, Junior Class Moderator, Alum ‘10

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  • Moniker Review Committee

    Moniker Review Committee Members
    (in alphabetical order)

    Iisaaksiichaa Ross Braine, Tribal Liaison at the University of Washington
    Antonio DeSapio, BBHS President
    Ramona Emerson, BBHS Board of Directors
    Leoma James ‘13, BBHS Board of Directors
    Robert Lukevich ‘04, BBHS Assistant Director of Development
    Jesse McFeron ‘96, BBHS Faculty
    Korrie Miller, BBHS Board of Directors
    Michael Pierce, ‘86 BBHS Director of Admissions
    Jack Peterson, Facilitator to the committee, Managing for Mission

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  • BBHS Legacy Council

    Kira Bifone '22
    Natasha Drewry '22
    Valerie Heckel '22
    Josephine Partridge '22
    Isaac Hartin Pasco '22

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