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BBHS entrepreneurs compete at DECA

BBHS entrepreneurs compete at DECA

64 BBHS students competed at the Area competition on on January 11, with four teams qualifying for the Entrepreneurship Start-up Business Plan:

Forest Fresh Soap: Remy Scott, Cameron Goos, Jagger Martin 

Safe Trace: Corinne Schuyler, Piper Smith, Piper Markow

Functions: Peyton Willard, Sophia McCarthy, Olive Delahunty

#Hottake Trends: Cian McMullen, Kenji Slusser, Mia Mueller

Good luck at state!

What is DECA?

In 1947, Washington became one of the first states in the nation to be chartered by DECA. Back in the 1940’s, what we call Entrepreneurship and Marketing Education today was called “Distributive Education”. Washington was one of the first to see the value and power of amplifying education through the applied academics available through the “Distributive Education Clubs of America” (original name). The world of business innovated and advanced and so did DECA. Distributive education became marketing and entrepreneurship education. Clubs of students evolved into communities of business and education leaders championing and cheering for the future of our youth. An America-based organization fostered the idea of the American Enterprise System available for all freedom-loving entrepreneurial-minded people around the world.

Washington DECA has proven for over 75 years that the more you study the more you know, the more you practice the further you go, and the more you give the more you grow.