Strategic Plan

    • Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

BBHS Long-Range Strategic Plan

Following a year-long process engaging over 700 stakeholders, the Bishop Blanchet High School Board of Directors adopted a new, long-range Strategic Plan on September 10, 2022. This plan outlines a vision for the next 7-10 years with six goals focused on enhancing our student programs, employee experience and overall institutional vitality.  We are grateful to all those who participated in this process, particularly the Steering Committee and Topic Team members.

The document outlining the full Strategic Plan can be accessed here and a summary of the six goals is provided below:

List of 6 items.

  • Goal 1

    Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Anchored in Catholic Social Teaching
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  • Goal 2

    Integrated Spiritual Growth
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  • Goal 3

    Healthy, balanced young adults prepared for life
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  • Goal 4

    Optimize the employee experience
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  • Goal 5

    Deepening Awareness, Engagement and Affinity
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  • Goal 6

    Enhancing Institutional Sustainability
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List of 5 items.

  • Strategic Planning Steering Committee

    Sandra Zinsmeyer, Committee Chair
    BBHS Board of Directors
    BBHS Parent '21, '22, '24

    Nancy Belcher
    BBHS Board of Directors
    BBHS Parent '10, '12, '15, '25

    Tony DeSapio
    BBHS President

    Justyna King
    Assistant Superintendent, Office for Catholic Schools

    Shannon Langer 
    BBHS Alumni '90
    BBHS Parent '21, '23

    Christian Paige
    BBHS Board of Directors

    Heidi Pouley
    BBHS Theology Department Co-Chair

    Sam Procopio
    BBHS Alumni '00
    BBHS Principal

    Jeff Roe
    BBHS Parent '17, '20

    Rahel Schwartz
    BBHS Board of Directors
    BBHS Parent '22

    Janah Valenzuela Cardin
    BBHS Director of International Student Services

    Brian Vath
    BBHS Parent '24, '25
  • BBHS Community Topic Team

    Ramona Emerson, Chair
    Sofia Lopez, Liaison
    Samuel Carlson, Staff Rep
    Joe Cussen, Staff Rep
    Jesse McFeron, Staff Rep
    Kaitlyn Overman, Staff Rep
    Jennifer Shapiro, Staff Rep
    Christian Paige, Strategic Planning Steering Committee Rep
    Jen Bergman, Community Rep
    Monica Duke, Community Rep
    Fr. Bill Heric, Community Rep
    Sally Hunt, Community Rep
    Mark Markuly, Community Rep
  • Human Resources Topic Team

    Karen Schuler, Chair
    Robert Lukevich, Liaison
    Antonella Bartel, Staff Rep
    Nancy Bradish, Staff Rep
    Kalah Dooley, Staff Rep
    Matthew Shea, Staff Rep
    JP Villanueva, Staff Rep
    Jeff Roe, SPSC Rep
    Chris Hanzeli, Community Rep
    Laura Kelley, Community Rep
    Joe Pinsoneault, Community Rep
    Michelle Summers, Community Rep
    Chad Voss, Community Rep

  • Stewardship and Sustainability Topic Team

    Chris Butler, Chair
    Mary Beard, Liaison
    Corey Eriksen, Staff Rep
    Julie Gallaudet, Staff Rep
    Twi McDonnell, Staff Rep
    Tom Ramsey, Staff Rep
    John Willey, Staff Rep
    Joel Blair, Community Rep
    Bill Condon, Community Rep
    Jennifer Dold Graves, Community Rep
    David Holt, Community Rep
    Diane Kocer, Community Rep
    Korrie Miller, Community Rep
    Karen Rich, Community Rep
    Kelli Smith-Bailey, Community Rep
    Brian Vath, Community Rep
    Heidi Westing, Community Rep
  • Student Development Topic Team

    Sherri Johnson, Chair
    Laura Meaux, Liaison
    Rebecca Davis, Staff Rep
    Ann Martin, Staff Rep
    Nicole McCoy, Staff Rep
    Veronica Pietrzak, Staff Rep
    Stephen Russell, Staff Rep
    Shannon Langer, SPSC Rep
    Angelica Dampier, Community Rep
    Lizz Dexter-Mazza, Community Rep
    Steve Dougherty, Community Rep
    Monica Duke, Community Rep
    Kari Hatlen, Community Rep
    Teresa Jolly Holt, Community Rep
    Barnabus Sirak, Community Rep
    Tarah Voss, Community Rep

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