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Academic & Learning Support

Bishop Blanchet High School offers a comprehensive support program to help students succeed in the classroom. We offer academic support classes within the block schedule, individualized learning plans with supplemental aids and testing accommodations, a quiet testing room, access to peer tutoring through the National Honors Society program and consultation with designated teachers.

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  • Michael Ufer Academic Support Classes

    One way that we help students who have particular learning challenges is through the Michael Ufer Academic Support classes. These elective classes (1 credit per semester within the block schedule) are designed to provide students in grades 9-12 with a structured, closely monitored learning environment where they can develop the motivational, organizational and academic skills needed to become confident, independent learners. The classes offer accountability, encouragement, study strategies for success and hands-on practical help for students who want a helping hand with their academics. The class structure involves teaching specific study strategies, filling out a master calendar for accountability for tests, quizzes and projects, and collaborative time to work on core classes with the help of the academic support teacher and junior/senior student mentors. There is also individual teacher/student conferencing to resolve issues of concern. Some students might also require outside professional subject-specific tutoring in addition to the class.

    The academic support teachers work closely with the Learning Resource Specialist to recommend strategies to assist students with their specific learning needs. Placement in classes at the freshmen level is determined at the time of admissions in collaboration with Admissions, the Learning Support Program, counselors and the academic office.
  • Services for Students with Learning Needs

    Bishop Blanchet High School’s mission as a Catholic, college preparatory school calls us to address the educational needs of all students; including those with learning disabilities and individual learning differences to the extent that we can reasonably do so.

    Under section 504 (504 34CFR 104.39A) of the Rehabilitation Act of 1972, students attending a private school may qualify for minor adjustments to their education experience in order to offer them an opportunity to succeed in the classroom and beyond. To qualify for a 504 Plan, the student must:

    “… have a physical or mental impairment which substantially limits one or more major life activities” (Section 504).

    In order to properly support student learning, documentation of a diagnosed learning or psychological disability is required in the form of Psychoeducational Evaluation, Cognitive Testing, and/or Educational Testing conducted by an Educational Psychologist or other professional education evaluator. This testing is conducted at parent expense through private clinicians or through Seattle Public Schools. Educational/Psychological testing must be current within a 3-5 year window.

    Dependent on the provided documentation and clinician recommendations, Blanchet can offer the following supplemental aids and testing accommodations:
    • Preferential Seating
    • Extended Time on Tests and Exams (50%/100%)
    • Separate Location for Tests, Quizzes, Exams
    • Access to peer notes or teacher notes
    • Access to computer for in-class work or written portions of exams (student provided)
    • Tests Read
    • Access to Scribe
    Per the professional evaluator’s recommendations, supplemental aids will be formulated to develop an Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) which includes approved supplemental aids and/or testing accommodations.
    To develop and implement an ILP, complete testing documentation must be forwarded to the Learning Resource Specialist. Upon completion of the plan, the ILP is shared with the student, parents, teachers and the student’s counselor.

    The Learning Resource Specialist is available to assist both teachers and students as they work together to utilize the supplemental aids and testing accommodations. Informal Consultant Teacher services are also available so that students have an opportunity to meet with a teacher periodically throughout the academic year for guidance or assistance.

History of the Michael Ufer Program for Academic Success

The Michael Ufer Program for Academic Success at Bishop Blanchet, unique among the Catholic schools of the Archdiocese of Seattle, was established in 2001 in honor of Michael Ufer because his example serves as its inspiration.

Michael tragically passed away in 2000, the summer before his sophomore year at Bishop Blanchet. Michael, like other students who experience difficulties in the learning process, achieved success only through tremendous effort and significant support outside the classroom. He needed help to succeed, but did not want academic expectations lowered. Thus, Michael Ufer Academic Support classes are designed to help students help themselves within Bishop Blanchet’s rigorous college preparatory curriculum. These classes, along with the other educational resources and services, are the cornerstone of a collective academic support effort that enables our students to succeed at Bishop Blanchet and it provides students with critical life skills. Since its inception in 2001, Michael's parents have established an endowment fund, which will enable the program to grow and flourish in future years.

Academic Support Staff

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    Barbara Stewart 

    Department Chair, Academic Support Instructor
  • Photo of Emily Mullin

    Emily Mullin 

    Academic Support Instructor
  • Photo of Nancy Bradish

    Nancy Bradish 

    Learning Specialist
  • Photo of Colleen Reinhardt

    Colleen Reinhardt 

    Admin. Asst. for Learning Resource Specialist

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