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Starting in your freshman year, you will have access to a range of college counseling services designed to help you gain admission to the best college for you. As you progress through BBHS, you will work closely with your counselor as he or she advises you on the college search and application process. From special evening sessions on financial aid and admissions to hosting onsite visitation from college admission directors and representatives (more than 120 each year!), we are committed to your success well beyond your time in high school.

BBHS students are assigned to counselors in alphabetical groups. Each counselor stays with those students and their families for their four years at Bishop Blanchet High School. In addition to providing outstanding college application preparation, our counselors are also committed to helping our students thrive socially and emotionally.

Preparing for College for Senior Parents/Guardians
Junior Parent/Guardian Presentation
Freshman Parent/Guardian Presentation
Sophomore Parent/Guardian Presentation
Forecasting for 2022-2023 for Parents/Guardians

College Kickoff Night for Juniors & Their Parents/Guardians
The following are provided by the evening's presenters. We will post additional presentations as we receive them.
BBHS College Night
College Funding Presentation Slides
College Planning 101 Presentation Slides
Learning Differences in College
College Essay Presentation Slides
College Admissions Testing Presentation Slides

Beginning with the class of 2023, BBHS partners with Maia Learning, a college and career readiness platform that engages students in planning for their future. It allows students to develop profiles, explore careers that fit those profiles, and build academic, college, and career plans. It will also help students manage college applications and build resumes and portfolios. You can watch this brief video with more information about what your student can do with this platform.

NAVIANCE - Class of 2022
Ending with the class of 2022, BBHS partners with Naviance, an American college and career readiness software provider that partners with high schools to provide students with college planning and career assessment tools.
Naviance Link

To request a schedule change for the 2022-23 school year, please read and follow all instructions below. Please note that counselors will start looking at these requests when they return to school in late August. Students need to watch their emails for information. 
  • The student must complete the Schedule Change Request Form by Friday, September 2. Submitting your request earlier will increase the likelihood that a change can be made.
  • Incomplete requests will not be considered. Ensure the student includes a compelling reason for requesting the change, and verify that the parent or guardian has approved the change request.
  • Note about electives: students may have received one or more alternate electives. Please know that every effort was made to provide first choice classes. It is very likely that these first choice electives were not available once core classes were scheduled. Receiving a class listed as one of the alternates does not constitute a compelling reason for a schedule change.
  • Not all schedule change requests can be granted. Possible reasons might include: 
    • The request was incomplete or the reason given for the schedule change was not compelling (see Schedule Change Request Form for what constitutes a compelling reason).
    • The requested change does not fit into the student’s schedule, or the requested class is full.
Help Us Help You (Do's and Don'ts):
  • Schedule changes are made for compelling reasons only. Examples of compelling reasons: meeting graduation and college entrance requirements, having a complete schedule, etc. If a student requests to change out of a course they forecast for (or listed as an alternate), they will need to have a compelling reason for doing so.
  • Please list specific courses that you want to add in order of preference.
  • DO NOT request "whatever is available" or ask to know what is available before making the request. These requests will not be considered compelling.
  • Make requests early: while we will consider requests up to the deadline of September 2, 2022, making a request earlier will increase the likelihood that a change can be made.
  • Finally, please know that making a class change could impact other classes. If the student does not want to make changes to the rest of their schedule, please mark the appropriate box on the form.

Smart Track College Funding Resources

We are pleased to offer the FREE Smart Track™ College Funding Program to help 9th-12thgrade families plan, estimate and reduce college costs.

Click here to register for your account and gain free, unlimited access to the online tools and resources. The sooner you begin the process, the more opportunities you have to lower your college costs.

College Admissions Visits

College Admissions Representatives are invited to schedule virtual or in-person visits during the school day in the fall. BBHS uses Maia Learning to schedule all visits. The schedule is published each summer.
If you need help learning how to schedule a visit, please watch this brief video provided by Maia Learning.
If admissions reps have any questions, please contact Janice Moehring (

Transcript Requests

Current seniors should see their counselor to request a transcript. 

Alumni may request transcripts from the Rhonda Osborne in the Academic Office by e-mailing Please include your name while attending Bishop Blanchet, the year you graduated and where you want the transcript sent.

Counseling Staff

List of 9 members.

  • Photo of Erin Camden

    Erin Camden 

    School Counselor (F-La)
  • Photo of Katy Covert

    Katy Covert 

    School Counselor (A-E) *January-June 2022
  • Photo of Meghan MacIntyre

    Meghan MacIntyre 

    School Counselor (A-E) *on leave through June 2022
  • Photo of Janice Moehring

    Janice Moehring 

    Assistant to Counseling and Student Activities
  • Photo of Brian  Mullen

    Brian  Mullen 

    Academic Counselor
  • Photo of Kaitlyn Overman

    Kaitlyn Overman 

    Social Emotional Counselor
  • Photo of Heather Rabe

    Heather Rabe 

    School Counselor (Ro-Z)
  • Photo of Stephen Russell

    Stephen Russell 

    School Counselor (Le - Ri), Department Chair
  • Photo of Janah Valenzuela Cardin

    Janah Valenzuela Cardin 

    Director of International Student Services

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