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Academic Support

Academic Support

The Academic Support classes are two-semester, two credit classes that meet during the school day. The classes are designed to provide students with a structured, closely monitored learning environment in which they can develop the motivational, organizational and academic skills needed to succeed in the classroom. The program offers additional help to students who need encouragement, accountability and the organizational tools to be successful learners who approach academic challenges with confidence. The Academic Support classes offer encouragement and support by:

• offering instruction in time management and classroom organizational skills;
• providing regular accountability for assignments and study preparation through the use of assignment calendars, notebooks and homework checks;
• offering instruction in study skills, such as note taking, research writing, reading comprehension, memorization, and test taking with the goal of helping students learn how to integrate these skills into the classroom;
• providing a safe environment for students to interact with their peers in sharing classroom successes and failures, and, thus, facilitating mutual learning;
• encouraging students to set and achieve realistic grade goals in order to foster confidence, growth and success;
• keeping parents informed of the student’s progress in acquiring and maintaining good organizational and study habits;
• providing a liaison between counselors, classroom teachers and parents to communicate and solve specific academic concerns.

Students who serve as Academic Mentors assist the instructor in achieving these goals. Class size is limited to six to ten students per class period.

Courses offered:

Academic Support 9
Academic Support 10
Academic Support 11
Academic Support 12

For descriptions please see the Course Catalog.

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