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We offer the possibility of four years of instruction in three different languages: French, German and Spanish. Our teachers endeavor to develop in students the language skills which will enable them to become life-long learners, critical thinkers, and Christ-like persons who are committed global citizens. We focus on all four modes of communication -- listening, speaking, reading and writing – in a program designed to teach students the basic vocabulary and language structures that will enable them to communicate in other countries and to interact positively with other cultures. To that end we also educate students about the customs, history, and culture of other countries. We nurture the concept of long-term language acquisition, encouraging students to continue their study of another language throughout high school, in college, and beyond. Through the study of language and culture, we aim to develop in students an appreciation for and the ability to interact with a diversity of peoples and viewpoints in an increasingly interconnected world.

Courses Offered:

French 1
German 1

Spanish 1
Conversational Spanish 1
French 2
German 2
Spanish 2
Conversational German 2
Spanish for Heritage Speakers

French 3 Honors/UWHS 103
German 3 Honors/UWHS 103
Spanish 3
Spanish 3 Honors/UWHS 103
AP French 4
AP German 4
AP Spanish 4

For descriptions please see the Course Catalog.

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