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Performing and Fine Arts

Performing and Fine Arts

Bishop Blanchet believes that educating the whole person should include an understanding and appreciation of the arts. We provide an extensive framework of Arts opportunities for students to discover and enhance their talents in drama, visual arts and music. The arts provide opportunity for creative expression; encompass the nature and meaning of the arts; promote the historical, cultural, and social relevance of the arts; and ensure our students a lasting appreciation of their rewards. We encourage our students to take risks and to understand that an appreciation and creation of beauty is a part of life to be embraced and celebrated.

VISUAL ARTS Courses offered:

Pottery & Sculpture
Advanced Drawing & Painting
Digital Photography
AP Art and Design


PERFORMING ARTS Courses offered:

Beginning Theatre Acting
Intermediate Theatre Acting
Advanced Theatre Production
Advanced Theatre Acting
Lighting and Sound Design
Scenic Design

Jazz Band
Beginning Guitar
Music & Pop Culture

Bass  Choir
Treble Choir
Jazz Choir
Vocal Ensemble
Chamber Choir

For descriptions please see the Course Catalog.

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