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1:1 Laptop Program

As an outcome of the transition to our iPad program several years ago, an implementation and innovation committee was formed to continually guide and shape the BBHS 1:1 technology program. The committee, comprised of departmental designees, members of the technology department, parents, and faculty, recommended a bring your own device laptop program that began in the 2019-2020  academic year. This decision was rooted in maximizing learning inside and outside of the classroom and best preparing our students for life in a college environment.

For more information about the program rationale, cost, and device specifications, please see the FAQs below.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Q.
    What are the benefits to a laptop program?

    • As a college prep school, the use of a laptop is better preparation for college.
    • Laptops are excellent tools for creation.
    • Laptops offer more opportunities for student collaboration.
    • Families have more options/choices for best meeting the needs of their student.  Additionally, we are no longer tied to a particular brand, platform and operating system.
    • No longer using iPads allows teachers to use Flash, Java and other programs that our iPads currently do not support.
    • Completing work on multiple productivity applications during live video conferencing instruction
  • Q.
    What are the costs associated with the laptop program?

    With a laptop program, families are able to select a device that fits their needs. It is possible that the device can travel with your student to college, therefore eliminating that extra cost.
  • Q.
    Will there be financial aid offered?

    Families may apply through the Brave Assistance Program. If you have any questions, please contact Tom Ramsey, Director of Finance, at or 206-527-7705.
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    What are the device specifications?

    Please refer to the Device Specification document for information for the 2020-21 school year. This will be updated annually in the spring.
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    How will this be phased in?

      2018-2019 School Year: 
      • All students required to have an iPad. Students may bring a laptop in addition to an iPad.
      • Incoming 9th graders purchase a laptop meeting device specifications
      • Grades 10-12: iPad still supported, may bring their own device
      • Assess the critical mass of laptops
      • Incoming 9th graders purchase and 10th graders have a laptop meeting device specifications
      • Grades 11-12: purchase a laptop meeting device specifications
      • Schoolwide 1:1 BYOD Laptop Program in effect
    • Q.
      How will a laptop program affect books?

      The goal of having mostly digital textbooks remains our priority. Students and families will be able to access the book list and purchase books online beginning July 1. The book list is available through MBS Direct and books may be purchased through them or another retailer. 
    • Q.
      How will my child be prepared for a laptop program?

      Our goal is to intentionally transition students into our school through Brave Welcome, opening orientation and the first few weeks of school in their classes, to all incoming freshmen. This approach will "onboard" them with the necessary skills to be successful, technologically-savvy students.

      We will have a device readiness checklist that will be checked during Community Period at the beginning of the school year.
    • Q.
      When will this program be up for review again?

      Our plan is to maintain a Technology Committee to annually review the program and provide guidance on program direction as needed.

    Contact with Questions

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    • Photo of Philip Hodgins

      Philip Hodgins 

      Director of Information Technology
    • Photo of Matthew Shea

      Matthew Shea 

      Library Management & Tier 2 Technical Support Specialist
    • Photo of Nick Moffitt

      Nick Moffitt 

      Business Technology Instructor
    • Photo of Nathaniel  Quantock

      Nathaniel  Quantock 

      Technology Support Specialist

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