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About the Booster Club

Founded in late 2009, the Bishop Blanchet Booster Club was formed by the parents of Bishop Blanchet High School (BBHS) student athletes to promote and support athletics – all athletics – at Bishop Blanchet High School.

The mission of the Bishop Blanchet Booster Club is to promote athletics at Bishop Blanchet High School in an atmosphere that is consistent with the mission of the school, and also the policies and procedures, to include the guidelines applicable to “Volunteers” established by the Archdiocese of Seattle.

Why are we here?

The Bishop Blanchet Booster Club was created as an avenue for supporters of BBHS athletic programs, athletes and the school – including parents, grandparents, coaches, alumni, relatives, local businesses, and school staff – to provide supplementary funding for  BBHS’s athletic programs. We sponsor improvements and additions to BBHS's facilities, sports equipment, provide coaching aids, sponsor attendance at athletic camps/events, recognize individual and team athletic achievements, increase school spirit by sale of school and athletic logo merchandise and organize other fundraising activities, and donate proceeds to the school’s athletic programs and student athletes.

Who can Belong?

Membership in the Bishop Blanchet Booster Club is open to all of the following:
· Parents of past or current BBHS students
· Alumni of Bishop Blanchet High School
· Grandparents, older siblings and other relatives of current BBHS students who wish to support BBHS athletics
· Teachers and staff of BBHS
· Coaches at BBHS
· Local businesses and business owners who wish to support BBHS student athletes and sports programs
· Other supporters of BBHS student athletes who share our commitment to excellence (both on and off the field), Catholic values, and expectations of true sportsmanship

Which Sports do we Help?

Too often, Booster Clubs at other schools support “only football” or only the other “major sports”. NOT AT BISHOP BLANCHET! The Bishop Blanchet Booster Club supports ALL athletes and athletic teams at BBHS.
We understand the “life” value that athletics provide to young adults. The lessons learned in pushing yourself beyond what you thought possible, both physically and mentally, being part of a team, the heat and joy of competition, the joy of winning… and the pain of losing, and the camaraderie that can only come from “going into battle” with your team all carry through and benefit our students in all walks of later adult life. It is the goal of the Bishop Blanchet Booster Club to ensure that every student athlete at BBHS has the very best sports experience they can possibly have while attending BBHS.
Well-rounded people go a long way toward making the world we will live in a better place, and our goal in forming the Bishop Blanchet Booster Club is to do our part to turn out well-rounded young adults at BBHS by providing them the best that high school athletics can provide!

What are the Benefits to Membership?

The benefits to becoming a member of the Bishop Blanchet Booster Club are many:
1. Your membership dues will go directly to help student athlete(s) at BBHS, and will help make each child's experience a rich and rewarding one!
2. Your contribution to the Bishop Blanchet Booster Club will help ensure that our student athletes have the resources, monetary and physical, to be successful in their athletic endeavors
3. Your involvement in buying and wearing Bishop Blanchet Booster Club “logo” clothing and merchandise will not only provide financial support to the Club, but will also help increase school spirit among the BBHS community
4. By actively participating in the Bishop Blanchet Booster Club, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a close sense of community with the other member families who, like you, are about ensuring that their child’s experiences at BBHS are positive, character building and provide a foundation for future success not only in athletics, but in life!
5. Your contribution to the Bishop Blanchet Booster Club is fully tax deductible given that the Club is a Section 501(c)(3) non-profit; and
6. Finally, depending upon the level of membership, you will receive certain membership benefits (scarves, seat cushions, free admission to sporting events, reserved parking, etc.). 


Last Saturday, 500 of you came together to celebrate BBHS Athletics and our hardworking coaches. Because of you we raised over $60,000 for BBHS Athletics! 
Thank you so much for joining us and supporting our BBHS students. 
A special thanks to the Surf & Turf Committee for all their hard work: Kimberly Butler, Katie Palliser, Shannon Prinz and Allison Reed Stellick. 
We look forward to seeing you for our 10th Annual Surf & Turf in 2024!


(a) To maintain the tradition of excellence, Catholic values and sportsmanship which exemplifies our athletes, coaches and teams;
(b) To honor athletic and academic excellence in our student athletes;
(c) To provide supplementary financial support to all Bishop Blanchet school-sponsored athletic teams; and,
(d) To promote active parent and community leadership and school spirit.

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