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Bishop Blanchet students participate in a four year retreat program rooted in the eight Gospel Values: Community, Hope, Love, Mercy, Courage, Discipleship, Justice and Humility.

The retreats invite students to personally connect with our Catholic tradition through prayer and faith-sharing. Many retreats include a component of service to emphasize our responsibility to live in service to and in solidarity with all human beings, particularly the most marginalized.  Our retreats give students the opportunity to come together as a community, reflect on their beliefs and grow as spiritual beings.

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  • Freshmen Retreat

    Bear Witness to God’s Love
    Centered Gospel Values: Community and Hope
    Our annual Freshman Retreat is a two day experience for all ninth graders, run by junior and senior leaders who plan activities that build community and allow our freshmen to take steps toward deepening their faith.
  • Sophomore Retreat

    Bear Fruit: Find God in one another
    Centered Gospel Values: Love and Mercy
    The Sophomore Retreat takes place in the spring. The retreat is led by a group of sophomores and juniors who plan and facilitate a variety of activities and experiences to engage their peers as they learn to identify moments of love and mercy in their daily lives, in the world around them, and in one another.
  • Junior Retreat

    Bear the Cross: Accept the Challenge of God’s Love
    Centered Gospel Values: Courage and Discipleship
    The Junior Retreat invites students to wrestle with the idea of what it means to be a courageous disciple. There are three overnight retreats offered for juniors during the course of the year. All juniors are expected to attend one of the overnight retreats. Students will participate in challenging outdoor course activities and discuss what it means to be courageously vulnerable.
  • Seniors

    Making a Habit of God's Love
    Senior Pilgrimage is the first opportunity for seniors to go on retreat. Students can attend or lead the annual pilgrimage, which is a one-day walking journey that includes prayer, faith sharing, scripture and singing. The pilgrimage is a meaningful opportunity to connect with peers and share faith early in the year.
    Seniors are encouraged to participate in the Kairos retreat, which happens 3-4 times during the year.
  • Kairos Retreat

    Kairos embodies the value of Christian faith as lived and experienced in community. Students are given the opportunity over a three-night/four-day retreat to look within themselves and find true identity as people in relationship with God, family, and friends. The Kairos retreat is offered to seniors during November and February; and to both seniors and juniors in April.

    January 2023 - Kairos 71
    February 2023 - Kairos 72 
  • Urban Plunge

    Centered Gospel Values: Justice and Humility 

    The Urban Plunge is an overnight, off-campus experience that offers students the chance to explore the nature of homelessness in the city of Seattle. Students will hear witness talks from people who have struggled with housing, engage in direct service with the invisible on the margins of our city, and engage in experiential learning which will teach the values of solidarity and simplicity.
  • Wilderness Retreat

    Centered Gospel Values: Justice and Humility 

    “Triune Lord, wondrous community of infinite love,
    teach us to contemplate you
    in the beauty of the universe,
    for all things speak of you.
    Awaken our praise and thankfulness
    for every being that you have made.
    Give us the grace to feel profoundly joined
    to everything that is.” -Pope Francis, Laudato Si

    The Wilderness Retreat is a chance for students to enter into the beauty of nature and to reconnect with the purity of God’s creation. This is an optional two-day retreat that centers the spirituality of Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato Si in an attempt to get students to find the beauty of God implanted in creation and to recognize our responsibility to care for our Common Home.
  • Solidarity Sleepout

    Centered Gospel Values: Justice and Humility 
    The Solidarity sleepout is an overnight experience that offers students the chance to stand in solidarity with the unhoused. Students will engage in direct service with the unhoused, and will do various activities at school that will educate them on the issues related to housing in Seattle. Then, students will sleep outside on the quad in tents, in solidarity with those who are unhoused. 

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