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Bishop Blanchet students participate in a four year retreat program centered around the ideas of being true, kind and brave. The retreats invite students to personally connect with our Catholic tradition through prayer and sharing. Many retreats include a component of service to emphasize the responsibility we have to share our faith with others.  Our retreats give students the opportunity to come together as a community, reflect on their beliefs and grow as individuals.

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  • Freshmen

    BE TRUE: Recognize Christ Within
    Our annual Freshman Retreat is a two day experience for all ninth graders, run by junior and senior leaders who plan activities that build community and allow our freshmen to take steps toward deepening their faith.

    Freshmen are also invited to attend the Hunger Retreat, which is an overnight experience focused on the issue of hunger.
  • Sophomores

    BE KIND: Find God in One Another 

    The Sophomore Retreat takes place in the spring.  The retreat is led by a group of sophomores who plan and facilitate a variety of activities and experiences to engage their peers as they learn what it means to be kind.

    The Brave Plunge is an optional intensive overnight experience for Sophomores meant to inspire deeper compassion for persons living in poverty and experiencing homelessness.

    Sophomores are also invited to attend the Hunger Retreat, which is an overnight experience focused on the issue of hunger.

    Sophomores are also invited to work as crew for our annual Freshman Retreat.
  • Juniors

    BE BRAVE: Accept the Challenge of God’s Love
    The Junior Retreat invites students to wrestle with the idea of what it means to be brave.  There are three overnight retreats offered for juniors during the course of the year. All juniors are expected to attend one of the overnight retreats. Students will participate in challenge course activities and discuss what it means to be brave.
    Juniors have their first opportunity to experience the Kairos retreat in the spring.  The Kairos retreat is a powerful three-night, four-day, peer-led experience that gently guides students toward a deeper understanding of themselves, their community, and God.
    Juniors are welcome to apply for retreat leadership opportunities, including the Freshman Retreat and Brave Plunge.

  • Seniors

    TKB: Making a Habit of God's Love
    Senior Pilgrimage is the first opportunity for seniors to go on retreat. Students can attend or lead the annual pilgrimage, which is a one-day walking journey that includes prayer, faith sharing, scripture and singing. The pilgrimage is a meaningful opportunity to connect with peers and share faith early in the year.
    Seniors are encouraged to participate in the Kairos retreat, which happens 3-4 times during the year.

    Seniors are also invited to attend the Hunger Retreat, which is an overnight experience focused on the issue of hunger.
    Finally, seniors have the opportunity to be involved as leaders on the Freshman Retreat and the Hunger Retreat.
  • Kairos Retreat

    Kairos embodies the value of Christian faith as lived and experienced in community. Students are given the opportunity over a three-night/four-day retreat to look within themselves and find true identity as people in relationship with God, family, and friends. The Kairos retreat is offered to seniors during November and February; and to both seniors and juniors in April.
  • Hunger Retreat

    This retreat is open to all students and responds to the Lenten call of prayer, fasting, and almsgiving. Held during the season of Lent, the retreat consists of a 24 hour fast, community service, and education and advocacy for the poor and hungry. The retreat is peer-led, and is sponsored by the school's St. Vincent de Paul Society.

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