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To change the world we must be good to those who cannot repay us.
Pope Francis

Transformation through Action

Through a comprehensive service program, students at Bishop Blanchet will cultivate an awareness of personal responsibility and privilege in the pursuit of social justice. In giving of their time and talents, they will live the virtues of mercy, charity and humility by acting beyond self-interest and in solidarity with others. Through working with various nonprofit organizations and addressing different needs, students will come to a greater understanding of the world in which they live and the injustices which need their courageous action.

2022-2023 Service Program Updates
This academic year, BBHS students will complete 20 hours of service in any of the four BBHS service focus areas (animals and the environment; children, middle school aged or younger; people who are elderly, sick, mentally or physically disabled, and/or their families; people experiencing, homelessness, hunger, or poverty). These service hours must be completed with approved nonprofit organizations. Students may complete five of their required 15 service hours at Bishop Blanchet events, such as the Auction, Open House, social justice events, etc.

2022-2023 Service Requirements & Information

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  • Basic Requirements

    Hours Required: 20 hours total. (Students may volunteer a maximum of five hours at Bishop Blanchet events, regardless of who is served by the events.)

    • Animals and the environment
    • Children (middle school age or younger)
    • The elderly, individuals with physical or intellectual challenges or people (or their family) living with illness
    • People experiencing hunger, homelessness or poverty. 

    If students wish to volunteer with an organization not on the list of approved nonprofits, they must submit the Approval Request Form. 

    Please note: Service to family members is not an acceptable form of service. Additionally, parents/guardians may not verify student service hours.
  • General Expectations

    This school year, each Blanchet student will complete 20 hours of service under the direction of nonprofit organizations. (Students may volunteer for a maximum of five hours at Bishop Blanchet events, regardless of who is served by that event.) Service hours must be entered on NobleHour by May 1, 2023.
    • Students may not miss school to earn service hours
    • Students will not be approved for more than 4 service hours on a school night or 8 hours on a non-school day.
    • Students may volunteer with any organization on the pre-approved list of nonprofit organizations. Any organization not on the approved list will need to be reviewed by the Service Coordinator (this is done via submitting the Nonprofit Approval Request Form). 
    Service hours must be entered on NobleHour within 2 weeks of volunteering. Once service hours have been entered, an email is sent to the supervisor for verification. After the supervisor verifies the hours, the hours will need to be approved by the Bishop Blanchet Service Coordinator. This means that the Service Coordinator accepted that the student did service which meets the requirements. Students will receive email notifications from NobleHour when hours have been approved or denied.
    To receive credit for a completed service requirement in the 2022-2023 academic year, students must have 20 hours of approved service completed and entered on NobleHour by May 1, 2023. Additionally, students must participate in 3 online service reflections scheduled during the school year.

Pre-Approved Service Sites for 22-23

On the map to the left, you'll see mapped locations for many of our pre-approved service sites for the 2022-23 school year. Organizations that operate at a variety of sites are not mapped at this time. Click on any of the green map pins for more details about the organization. Click View Larger Map (partial square in upper right corner) to open in a new window.

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