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To love God and neighbor is not something abstract, but profoundly concrete: it means seeing in every person the face of the Lord to be served, to serve him concretely.

~ Pope Francis

Serving the Most Vulnerable

Love is at the heart of the message Christ left His followers. From the washing of the feet to the Crucifixion, Jesus’ life was one of service to others. His beloved disciple John expressed this truth in his writing: “Little children, let us not love in word or talk, but in deed and in truth” (I Jn. 3:18.) It is with this essential truth in mind that the Bishop Blanchet community stresses the need to serve other people in order to follow in Christ’s footsteps. It is the aim of the Service Program at BBHS to impart to the graduate an extensive experience of service that will influence his or her adult life as a follower of Christ.

All students at Bishop Blanchet High School are required to complete 20 hours of approved service per school year at a nonprofit agency. Of the 20 hours, at least 10 hours must be given in direct service to people in need. The most transformative service occurs when students have direct, face to face contact with people who are marginalized by society.

Service Requirements & Info

List of 5 items.

  • General Service Requirements

    All BBHS students are required to give 20 hours of service per year to a nonprofit. Of the 20, at least 10 hours must be given in direct service to people who are in need/marginalized by society.

    Service must be done for/at a 501c3 nonprofit. Students wishing to do service at an agency not listed on x2VOL or our preapproved agency list should email the service coordinator with a proposal. Service done at a non-preapproved agency before the proposal has been approved by Campus Ministry may result in no credit.

    Service must be entered into x2VOL within 7 days of completion.
  • Direct vs. Indirect Service

    Direct service is working face to face with people who are in need/marginalized by society. Examples of acceptable direct service:
    • Preparing and serving meals at a homeless shelter or meal service site (e.g. Teen Feed, Operation Sack Lunch, St. Martin de Porres)
    • Assisting clients at a food bank (e.g. St. Mary’s Food bank)
    • Spending time with the elderly at senior centers or nursing homes (e.g. Aegis Living, Fred Lind Manor)
    • Working directly with people with special needs (e.g. Northwest‘s Child)
    • Visiting or caring for people who are ill (e.g. Camp Agape, Ronald McDonald House)  
    • Tutoring low income children (e.g. CCS Youth Tutoring Program)
    Indirect service satisfies the needs of a nonprofit without working directly with people who are in need/marginalized. Examples of acceptable indirect service:
    • Repackaging/stocking food at a food bank/warehouse (e.g. Food Lifeline)
    • Sorting donations of clothes or household items (e.g. WestSide baby)
    • Environmental rehabilitation, trail or park maintenance (e.g. Earth Corps)
    • Assisting with nonprofit fundraising events/auctions (e.g. Relay for Life)
    • Working with animals/humane society
    • Assisting with the BBHS auction, open house, peer tutoring, or athletic camps
    • Coaching CYO or little league/community teams
    • Summer camp counselor or assisting with vacation bible school or parish daycare

    Ineligible Service
     (Does NOT earn BBHS service credit.)
    Examples of ineligible service include but are not limited to:
    • Assisting relatives or friends with tutoring, household chores, yard work, moving or babysitting, etc.
    • Receiving any type of payment or compensation for your service 
    • Hours given to a for-profit business or club
  • Verification

    Once service hours have been entered on X2vol, the system automatically sends a verification request to the email address listed as the contact/supervisor. It is proper etiquette (and improves your chances for quick verification) to inform your supervisor they will be receiving an email requiring a response. It is the student’s responsibility to follow through and make sure their hours are verified. Hours that remain unverified for more than 30 days will be denied.
    Students have two options to resolve this issue:
    1.  Re-enter their service hours by creating a new submission using a valid email address for the contact/supervisor. Students should email their supervisor separately and alert them regarding the verification email.
    2.  Re-enter their service by creating a new submission and bring in written documentation of the hours signed by the supervisor. Please bring documentation to Mrs. MacIntyre in Campus Ministry within 30 days of the re-entry.
  • Receiving Credit

    For the 2018-2019 school year, to receive credit, all students must have 20 hours of approved service completed and entered on x2VOL by May 1, 2019.  All hours must be verified by May 15, 2019. A reflection essay is also required to complete the service requirement. Students will be given time during CP in April to write their reflection.
  • Other Notes

    • X2VOL will show two 10 hour goals for each student; one goal will be labeled direct hours and the other will be labeled indirect hours.  Of your 20 hours of required service at least 10 must be direct hours.  All 20 can be direct.  Any direct hours over the 10 hour goal may be added to your indirect goal; however, any indirect hours beyond the 10 hour goal cannot be added to your direct goal. 
    • Use the reflection section on x2VOL to record your thoughts after each service opportunity. You may reference your notes when you write your reflection essay.
    • Please be sure to record any additional service hours you have completed as this information can be used to identify students who may receive various end of the year service awards.
    • The closer we get to the May 1 deadline the harder it will be to find direct service.  Contacting agencies and scheduling your service, along with completing your service, will all take time, do not wait until April!
    • We know that many students go well beyond the twenty hour requirement and involve themselves in a vast variety of service projects. We encourage you to share with us your experiences and the opportunity for others to get involved.  Please let us know about organizations that can provide opportunities for student involvement.
    • Students and parents can track service credits on Skyward.

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