Parent Association

Parent Association

As a parent or guardian of a Bishop Blanchet student, you are automatically a member of the Parent Association, and we hope you will find ways to be involved in what we do.

The Parent Association brings Bishop Blanchet parents and guardians together to help strengthen and support the entire school community by hosting evenings featuring speakers and important topics, assisting in school events and encouraging families to get to know each other. Just as we encourage our students to become involved at school and meet new friends, parents also find these years to be an important time to make connections with other parents, while finding ways to be involved in our community. The Bishop Blanchet community is based on a partnership that includes all of us - parents, students, teachers, administrative staff and alumni. Your participation is a vital part of this partnership.  
On the school calendar you will find the Parent Association meeting dates as well as the dates for several social events including parent social evenings for each class grade level and other all-school events. Additionally, there are numerous athletic and performing arts events that are wonderful to attend. Our students appreciate your spirited support and attendance, and you will enjoy becoming a more active part of the school community.

Again, welcome to the Parent Association. We are looking forward to a great year as, together with you, we support Bishop Blanchet High School. 

Sherri Johnson, Co-Chair
Jen Bergman
, Co-Chair

Senior - Class of 2020
Jen Anderson
Olga Dyckman
Stacie Ludden
Tina Negri
Jen Yerkes

Junior - Class of 2021
Alicia Burmester
Dawn Ehde
Ramona Emerson
Kat McGavick
Cheryl Overbey

Sophomore - Class of 2022
Suzanne Canino
Corrie Kahn
Melissa Maider
Lynette Muenzberg
Jen Yerkes

Frosh - Class of 2023
Sophia Behler
Tina Kliman
Lisa Touw
Holley Ring



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