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  • Campaign Donors as of 10/31/2018

    Thank you to those who have supported A Brave Future! 
    This list indicates all donations made to a Brave Fund as of 10/31/2018.
    We strive to produce an accurate listing of our donors. 
    Please contact Mary Beard at 206-527-7733 if we have unintentionally omitted your name. 
    Anonymous (23)
    Abramowicz Family
    Rick and Refawne Acarregui
    Brian '85 and Chrissy Acarregui
    Dan and Lisa Adams
    Adkisson Family
    Charlene Aguilar and Luis Fraga
    Suzie and Scott Alan
    Chris and Christie Allemand
    George and Molly Allen
    Stuart Allen and Sunny Liu
    Tom Allen and Mary Ransom
    Ally Financial
    Ann Alokolaro '95 and Patrick Fennessy
    Larry '58 and Charon Alvar
    Nancy M Amato '82 and Lawrence Rauchwerger 
    Anderson Family
    Fr. Michael Angelovic 
    Archdiocese of Seattle
    Monica Armstrong and Mike Finnegan
    Luis and Maria Arruela
    William and Stephanie Campbell
    Bridget Mathews Aumell '85
    Jeff '85 and Gina '85 Auter 
    Peter and Connelia Aylett
    Randy and Julie Back
    Steven and Jennifer Bader
    Anne Baisch
    Chuck and Gaye Barrett
    Liz '86 and Andrew Barrett
    Steve and Stacey Guise '80 Bean
    Mary Beard '81 and Joseph Beard
    Bob and Bonne Bejan
    Ruth Mlecko Bence
    Christine '84 and Benford Bennett
    Angela '85 and Patricia Bennett
    Roger and Karen Berens
    Brian and Rachel Berryessa
    Biermanski Family
    Bigler Family
    Gladys Biglor '70
    Bishop Blanchet High School Booster Club
    George and Jane Bissonnette
    Tom and Colleen Stewart '79 Blaikie
    Robert and Sara Blair
    Christopher '87 and Alana Blunt
    Charles '73 and Rebecca Ourada '73 Bocian
    Todd and Jina Bonime
    Ed Boyle '86
    In Memory of Brady Bracken
    Glen '86 and Christine Bradburn
    Paul and Colleen Brajcich
    Steve and Jeanne Bremer
    Randall Bremgartner and Victoria Silecchio
    Randall and Maureen Broom
    Ian and Anne Brown
    Julie Brown
    Stephen and Patricia Brown
    Patricia J. Burke
    Keith Burney and Amy Hogan-Burney
    Lynn Broadgate Burns '64
    Christopher and Kimberly Butler
    Kelly and Jacquie Byrne
    Richard '66 and Anita Byrne
    John Byrum and Karen Tanzy
    Caballero Family
    Erin Camden '01
    Dr. Matt Campbell Jr. and Irene Campbell
    Matt '85 and Amy Campbell
    Renato and Melanie Canto
    JoAnn Carbonetti '68
    Cook/Carr Family
    Patrick Carr '69
    John Cerqui and Dawn Ehde
    Joshua Chaitin and Erin Galvin
    Pierre-Etienne and Candice-Jennifer Chartier
    Peter and Rita Chudecke
    Tom and Teresa Chudecke
    Dr. Pauline M. Cline '65 
    Wendy '86 and William Codd
    Adela '63 and John Collins
    Adela '63 and John Collins
    Sheila Cameron Cooper '83
    Rascon Cordova Family
    Gary and Patty Donahue '68 Corum, Katy '06 and Conor '08
    Steve and Pam Mitchell '79 Cory
    Will '81 and Shannon Crowley
    Patrick and Karen Crumb
    Thomas and Catherine Cunningham
    Kathy and King Cushman
    Diosdado and Veronica Dato
    Charlie and Heidi Deane
    Luke A. Decker '04
    Luke and Judy Delen
    Scott and Monica DeMeulemeester
    Michael J. '80 and Ann Derr
    Antonio and Martha DeSapio
    John Jay Deubler and Heather Goad-Deubler
    Nick and Janie DiMartino
    Keith Dingfield and Susan Slonecker
    Raymond '65 and Becky Dion
    Anne '78 and Ryan Dodge
    Dombek Family
    Erin Donohue-Zink Family
    Joseph Donovan '66
    Shawn and Elizabeth Dougherty
    Fr. Gordon Douglas
    Hugo and Mary Anne Draye
    Dreis Family
    Jeffrey '87 and Jennifer Cushman '89 Droppelman
    Dunkle Family
    Dawn Dwyer '69
    Curt and Olga Dyckman
    Michael '65 and Becky Egan
    Einmo Family
    Lorne and Tyera Enquist
    Shirley P. Epton
    Jim Erhardt '71
    Corey and Joni '99 Eriksen
    Fahey Family, Pat & Barbara Fahey
    Bill and Laurie Farmer
    DeAnn and Frank Feeman
    Gerard '74 and Laura Pizzano '74 Fieser
    Valeriy '02 and Vita Firsov 
    Kevin '80 and Colleen Flanigan
    Mike and Katie Fleming
    Flinn Family
    Amy and Patrick Foley
    Myke and Barbara Folger
    George Freeman
    Tim Frost
    Julie and Edson Gallaudet
    Tim and Teresa Spellman '82 Gamble
    Robert Gardner '66 and Janet Curran
    Garneau-Nicon Family Foundation
    Charles and Sally Garneski
    Michael '88 and Lori Gasca
    Gary '65 and Evie George
    James and Kristine Goodspeed
    Beau and Julie Gould
    Chris and Julie Thenell '79 Grasseschi
    David and Stephanie Gravenkemper
    Graves-Dold Family
    Gray Family
    Joshua Green Foundation
    Scott and Laura Greenberg
    Arthur and Mary Griffin
    Tracy Guinasso '77
    Dr. Peg Haggerty 
    Uli and Patty Haller
    Michael and Kimberly Halvorson
    Craig and Amy Hampson
    Wayne and Joni Hampson
    Julie Schober Hanon '85 and Greg Hanon
    Jim Harmon '78
    Michael and Kimberly Harmon
    Matthew and Anne Haskins
    Bill and Molly Hastings
    David and Kari Hatlen
    Jane Healy
    Brett Hecko
    Michael and Patricia Bee '87 Heffernan
    Bond/Heffernan Family
    John W. Hempelmann '60
    Elizabeth '86 and Rob Hendry
    Herrera Family
    Hester Family
    Kent and Terry Hickey
    John and Carolyn Hickman
    Himmelspach Family
    Dat Hoang and Thuan Nguyen
    In honor of Frank and Dolores Holberg
    Pete and Trina Hollomon
    Timmie Hollomon
    Lance and Kristi Holmes
    David '84 and Teresa Jolly '84 Holt
    Robert and Debora Horvath
    David J. Hovind '58 and Shelley Hovind
    Bill Hoyer Family 
    Jeff and Sally Hunt
    Clarice and Dana Hunter
    Hyders Family
    Jo Ellen Hylind
    Greg Iten
    Ozo and Mary Jaculewicz
    Holly McArt Johnson '81 and Dwight Johnson 
    Peter Johnson and Carol Troup
    Sharon Moran Johnson '85
    Steven R and Laura Johnson
    George P. Johnson '63
    Helen Jolly 
    Marsi Jones
    Anthony '71 and Ann Jones
    John and Marisol Joynt
    Stephanie '89 and William Judy
    Barry '81 and Shellee Kaimakis
    Ashley Kane
    Constance Katsandres '90 and Larry Spyridis
    John '92 and Sarah Katsandres
    Sally and Kevin Keadle
    Steve '77 and Christina Kealy
    Kearney Family
    Keller Family
    Robert and Annmarie Kelly
    Kristin Kenefick
    Joseph '89 and Kristin Kenny
    James Keyes '79
    Jim '78 and Linda Kinerk
    Greg and Shannon Komen
    John T. and Nicole Korman
    Brian J. Kraus
    Paul and Connie Krause
    Krembs Family
    John and Stacy Krueger
    Valerie A. Krueger-Stahnke '83
    Joseph and Kala Kunthara
    Mark and Deirdre Lacambra
    Lisa Boucher and Brent LaMotte
    Shannon '90 and Chris Langer
    Kathryn Lassiter
    Keith J. Lawson '98
    Jeffrey and Tina Lee
    Joel and Delia Lemus
    D. Andrew and Ruth Rogers Lewis
    Eben and Jane Lewis
    Mike Lindblom '80
    Chuanmin Liu
    Brock and Karin Henson '82 Loen
    Mary Pat '58 and Tom Lord
    Kerry '87 and Catherine Loveland
    Mark and Stacie Ludden
    Lukevich Family: Peter '71 and Linda, Thomas '99 and Gaia, Robert '04 and Andrea
    Mark and M. Patricia Lunde
    Erin and Joe Manca
    Gregory and Pamela Marchand
    Markow Family
    Tom and Ann Martin
    Philip and Kelley Martin
    Scott and Glorilyn Maw
    Jim Mazurk
    Patricia McBride
    Ted and Jan McCaugherty
    Kraig and Deven McCoy
    Robert and Marta McCullough
    Rev. Michael J. McDermott
    Brian '77 and Mary Kay McDevitt
    Angus '80 and Twila McDonell
    Loren and Jeannie (Orebaugh) '63 McElvain
    Jesse '96 and Caitlin McFeron
    Dennis and LouElla McGaughey
    Matthew and Heidi McGavick
    Thomas J. '84 and Suzanne Sinegal McGill
    Toby '96 and Linda McGill
    Mary McGough
    Padraic and Rachel McGovern
    Brian McMullen and Ramona Emerson
    Steven McMullen
    Katie and Brian Mulholland
    R. Michael McNulty '64
    Stephen J. Meaney and Irene L. Meaney Family Trust
    Heather '88 and Carlo Mears
    Joe '87 and Carmela '90 Mele
    Scott and Tiffany Merriman
    James '63 and Gretchen Vogel '62 Miller
    Michael '70 and Roxanne Milne
    Minor Family
    Steve, Kim and Molly Miska
    Wills Mitchell '04 and Anna Boone
    Moccasin Lake Foundation
    Janice and Steve Moehring
    Daren and Nicole Monroe
    Monteleone Family
    Margie Moore '58
    Chris Moore '80 and Susanne Quistgaard
    The Moraine Foundation
    Ed and Cindy Moriarty
    Susan Finney Morry '64
    Warren Moy
    Steve and Lynnette Muenzberg
    Conrad and Heather Mulligan
    Ali Mullin '05 and Dan Grohl
    Kevin and Denise de Pinna Mullins
    Chad and Robyn Murphy
    Dan and Joyce Divine '58 Murphy
    James and Theresa Murphy
    Mia Murphy
    Robert and Micaela Murray
    Louise Antush Naehr '66
    James and Jill Navone
    Tim and Margaret Newcomb 
    Katie Newman
    Christine '65 and Jim Niblack
    Mary Oaksmith Nichols '73
    Harry Nicoloudakis
    Steve Nolan
    Steven and Kelly Nolan Shafer
    The Norcliffe Foundation
    Steven Northey and Margo Sepanski-Northey
    Michael and Shelley O'Clair
    Lynn Wartelle O'Connor '88
    Jim, Molly, and Fiona '21 O'Donnell
    John and Betsy O'Kane
    Bernadette O'Leary
    John P. O'Leary '92 
    Noreen O'Leary
    Teresa Rowland '80, Stewart and Patrick '18 O'Leary
    John and Isabelle Ochsner
    Susan '98 and Albert Ocoma
    David '61 and DeeDee Olmer
    Mary McHugh and Tony Olney
    Lisa Olsen
    Dean Oquist and Melissa Meier
    Orse Family
    PACCAR Inc
    Nicholas Padrnos
    Mike and Janet Parks
    Lee and Alison Parsons
    Robert Penne
    The Perkin Fund
    Janine Perrotti
    Joseph '85 & Lisa '85 Petschl, Joey '08 & Devin Gilmore '08 Petschl, Zachary '10 &   
       Danielle Monen '10 Petschl, Samuel '12 & Elle Blume '12 Petschl, Gregory Petschl   
       '14, and Jeffrey Petschl '16
    Tony Philippsen '61 and Patricia Novarra
    Michael Pierce '86
    Tom and Michelle Pierson
    Pinsoneault Family
    Justin and Karen Pirak
    Susan Plummer
    Pavlo Popovych
    Popp Family
    Potter Family
    Dylan and Heidi Pouley
    Samuel '00 and Britt Hesse '01 Procopio
    Kip and Karen Prohaska
    Bill and Jodie Purcell
    Catherine Purpur '85 and Scott Hanson
    J. Noel '64 and Cathy Pyatt
    Mark '69 and Paula Quinn
    Raikes Foundation
    Rampersad Family
    Thomas and Mary Loft '80 Ramsey
    Thomas '76 and Tracy '78 Read
    Richard C. Redman '61
    Scott Redman '83
    Linda Reeder '73 
    Mary Anne Reeder '76
    Steven Reeder '69 
    John and Maureen Reid
    Michael and Colleen Reinhardt
    Scott Remillard and Gladys Cuellar
    Jon and Margaret Rican
    Peter and Michelle Richmond
    Paul and Nerie Roa
    Jacqueline Robinette
    Barrett and Debra Rochefort
    Jeffrey and Perri Roe
    Mary Romano and Brad Olsen
    Allan and Karla Romano
    Jim and Margie Rose
    Steve Roselli '80
    Elizabeth Gauer
    R Brian Rowse
    John and Eileen Rumpf
    Robert and Antonette Ruppin
    Stephen and Jen Russell
    James M. Ryan '70
    Mary K. Lancaster Ryan '68 
    Erik and Maureen Sabiers
    Paul and Shawn Saline
    Laura Salle
    Mark and Ursula Saltvig
    Jason and Kim Sanchez
    Satterthwaite Family
    Christopher Schatz '86
    Russell and Kathy Schmidtke
    David and Margie Schmutz
    Debra and Joe Schober
    Ian Schroeder and Jan Nicosia
    Greg '74 and Stephanie Jacobsen '74 Schuler, Dan '88 & Karen Schuler and Breanna 
       '20 & Chloe '22 Schuler, Jacob '01 and Shannon Sifferman '96 Schuler
    Paul and Mary Schwaegler
    Schwartz Family
    Paul and Kathleen Donahue '65 Seely
    Sellen Construction Company
    Gregory and Stacie Sena
    Bob '79 and Kim Serwold
    Patrick M. Shanahan '80
    Jim and Luisa Sheldrup
    Shelton Family
    Maury and Judy Sheridan
    Eric '80 and Katherine Simmons
    Paul Sittauer
    Sandra Barton Smith '78 and Shaun Smith
    Ann and Gary Smith
    Stephen Smith and Charlene Boyd
    Margaret Smith
    The Frost and Margaret Snyder Foundation
    Steven and Susan Stolle
    Julie Stolzer
    Brion and Kristin Stone
    Howard Stott
    Charles '83 and Sara Strazzara
    P. James Sullivan
    Terry '75 and Patty Pastro '75 Sullivan 
    Scott and Michelle Rose '88 Summers
    Jack and Sarah Sutermeister
    Sharon Suver-Jones '68
    Stephanie Swenson
    Szymanski Family
    Julie Teel
    Ed '80 and Lynn Thenell
    Martin and Lisa Thenell
    Jeff and Heather Thoren
    Robert '75 and Christine Throckmorton
    Vicky Tiberio 
    Tompkins Family
    John and Angela Traynor
    Diane Valach and Matt Willkens
    Janahlyn Valenzuela
    Patrick and Debbie Van Der Hyde

Pledge or Give by December 31, 2018!

Bishop Blanchet is celebrating 60 years of educating and forming leaders in the greater Seattle area. Reflecting upon the many lives that have been touched in the past 60 years, we are reminded of our great responsibility to look to the future. The next generation of students needs resources and facilities that will continue to build Bishop Blanchet’s legacy of excellence and promise to graduate young men and women who will transform the world around them.

To fulfill that promise, Bishop Blanchet has embarked on a capital campaign to provide students with a premier 21st-century college preparatory experience. 

Fall 2018 Brochure

Our Vision - Enhanced Quad

Completed Projects

Campaign Dedication & Groundbreaking Event

Fall 2018 Update

In March 2015, we initiated A Brave Future Capital Campaign with the vision to make significant investments in programs and our facilities.  A Brave Future Campaign is focused on enhancements in three areas:
  1. Enhancing the Learning Environment
  2. Deepening the Community Experience
  3. Promoting Physical Fitness and Wellness
After two years of seeking leadership and major gifts in the quiet phase of the campaign and a public launch in the Spring of 2017, we are thrilled to share that we have been blessed with nearly $10 million in gifts and pledges to date.  As we have visited with families, individuals, and foundations, we have encountered overwhelming support for our projects and consistently experienced donors stretching to make the largest gifts that they have ever made!  
The generous support that we have already received has allowed us to achieve several key priorities from the campaign.  In September 2015, we completed the installation of lights on Mickey Naish athletic field, enabling our dream of hosting home games “under the lights” and countless more practices conveniently on our campus. Through the early support of the campaign, we have also been able to update and modernize all the desks and furniture through all the classrooms in our building, a more dynamic and collaborative learning environment.
Summer 2017 brought more improvements to our campus thanks to the generous support of the campaign.  A second floor was added to the existing Ernie Rose Activities Center and now houses brand new boys and girls locker rooms, a PE classroom, athletic offices, a cardio/fitness room and a sports medicine/training room.  We have also fully replaced our 63 year old boiler and heating system, converting to an energy efficient hot water system with new boilers, piping and unit ventilators in each room.  
This summer, our campus experienced exciting change and expansion through updates to our choir room and the building of the brand new Norcliffe Student Commons. Formerly a dated and underutilized space, the BBHS choir room is now a premier space for our talented student vocalists. A cornerstone of the campaign, the Brave Community is now fully enjoying the Norcliffe Student Commons. The addition of a glass atrium and additional seating, Brave Café with espresso and snacks, and a new multi-purpose meeting space culminate in a commons that deepens the community experience at BBHS! 
Through the end of this year, we will continue engaging all parents, alumni and friends with the opportunity to join the effort to improve our programs and facilities. We are focused on securing the widest support of our full community and committing to additional projects to be implemented in the summer of 2019, one of which is creating particularly a beautified quad to better serve our community. The Jim Pinsoneault Quad will also serve as a home for a special recognition space to honor Father Gordon Douglas, our long-time chaplain from 1972-2010. 
We are so very grateful to the over 500 donors who have already helped us already surpass many fundraising records in school history!  We look forward to inviting the support of many more in the community in the coming months to help us complete A Brave Future!


List of 1 members.

Campaign Committee Members

  • Co-chair Beau Gould, Parent Class of '15 and '17
  • Co-chair Mary (Hermann) Welch ‘65, Parent Class of '96
  • John Traynor, Parent Class of '12, '14 and '16
  • Brian Acarregui '85, Parent Class of '22
  • Matt Campbell '85, Parent Class of '18 and '20 
  • Tricia (Bee) '87 & Mike Heffernan, Parents Class of '18 and '20 
  • John Hempelmann '60
  • Kerry Loveland '87, Parent Class of '15 and '17
  • Heather (Bradburn) Mears '88, Parent Class of '18
  • Jim Pinsoneault Jr. '80
  • Margie Rose, Parent Class of ’88, ’90 and ’94, Grandparent Class of '19 and '21
  • Honorary Member Fr. Gordon Douglas, Retired Chaplain
  • Honorary Member Dr. Peg Haggerty
  • Honorary Members David '58 & Shelley Hovind
  • Honorary Members Jim & Theresa Murphy, Parents Class of '09, '10, '11 and '15
  • Honorary Members Jim & Madeline Pinsoneault, Retired Faculty, Parents Class of '80, '82, '85 and '88

Campaign Newsletters:

Thank You!

Thank you again. This is an unprecedented time for all of us and we are truly honored by and grateful for the loyalty that you demonstrate and for your continued belief in and commitment to the Bishop Blanchet community. We look forward to sharing additional important updates on our progress and how you can support us in this campaign in the months to come. We hope that you are just as excited as we are about seeing this dream become a reality for the entire Bishop Blanchet community!

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