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In addition to giving to the Annual Fund at Bishop Blanchet, there are many endowments that help to provide tuition assistance for students and their families and support for our outstanding Faculty and Staff at BBHS. Blanchet has many endowments that have been established by, and named after, individual donors. Last year, $36,000 in scholarships were awarded to students to help them attend Bishop Blanchet.
You can get more information about endowments and view our already established endowments below. If you would like to give to an endowment at BBHS, please click on the link to the right side of this page.

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  • What is an endowment?

    An endowment is a gift that provides a source of economic support in perpetuity. When an endowment is established, the money becomes a permanent investment for the school, with the annual income from that investment providing financial resources to support an area of need.
  • Why give to an endowment?

    An endowment offers the opportunity to leave a legacy for future students. Endowments also provide resources for Bishop Blanchet in perpetuity.
  • How can I contribute to an endowment?

    Contributions to endowments can be made with cash, securities, property or other assets.
  • How do I establish an endowment at BBHS?

    If you would like to establish an endowment at Bishop Blanchet, please contact Robert Lukevich ’04, Assistant Director of Development, Alumni Relations & Planned Giving at for more information. The minimum contribution to establish an endowment is $25,000.

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  • Bishop Blanchet General Endowment

    “The Blanchet Fund” or the Bishop Blanchet General Endowment was started in 1980 through the guidance of then Principal Dr. Joe Haggarty. The purpose of the fund was to support Bishop Blanchet High School through the 1980’s and into the future. The fund’s beginnings were tied to a need to help stabilize escalating tuition and help fund needed capital improvements over time at Bishop Blanchet.
    At the time the school consisted of over 1,300 students and the need have a reliable fund upon which to plan for the success of the school was needed. This fund was conceptualized as a supplement to other funding sources like tuition and donations to the school. The fund was originally invested by the Archdiocese of Seattle Investment Committee and now is maintained by the Fulcrum Foundation.
    Because of the existence of this fund, Blanchet has been able to cover planned and unplanned expenses and ensure the continued ability to provide a Catholic education to thousands of students in north Seattle and the greater Seattle area. According to volunteers on the initial campaign, the idea of the endowment was twofold to provide for the current time and remain large enough to be beneficial for a long time.
    Currently, the Endowment has a value 7 million dollars and remains available and intact to provide for Blanchet’s future in perpetuity. The Bishop Blanchet General Endowment is an important part of Blanchet’s future success and a testament to the work of our community of leaders and volunteers that had the foresight to create these resources so many years ago.
    The original goals of long term stability and prudent planning are still at the core of the Bishop Blanchet General Endowment. You can make a donation to the Endowment online by clicking on the Donate Here button to the right. Donations will be added to the corpus of the fund and interest earned will be used to cover operating costs, financial aid, academic programs and capital improvements.
  • Chris Connors Memorial Endowment

    On November 17, 2014, the Bishop Blanchet community lost Chris Connors; a beloved faculty member, alumnus, coach, and fixture in the Bishop Blanchet community. On the one year anniversary of Chris’s passing the Connors family and Bishop Blanchet created the Chris Connors Memorial Endowment. Scholarships given from the funds created by this endowment will be awarded based on need and merit to students wishing to continue their Catholic education at Bishop Blanchet High School.

    The creation of the Chris Connors Memorial Endowment and the types of students it will assist are specific to Chris’s wishes discussed before his passing. It was Chris’s desire that whenever possible recipients should be students from single parent families or students from families that have experienced the loss of a parent. Chris hoped that with the aid of a scholarship that recipients would be able to find strength and support from the school community, much like he did as a student and as a faculty member.

    Chris Connors loved his family and he loved Blanchet. Chris’s family hopes the creation of this endowment will serve as a way to fulfill Chris’s wishes and to create a lasting impact for future students at Bishop Blanchet High School.

    Make a Gift to the Chris Connors Memorial Endowment
  • Combined Memorials Endowment

  • David Hovind Award Fund

  • Father Gordon Douglas Scholarship Endowment

  • Haggerty Scholarship Fund

  • Harry V. Purpur Memorial Scholarship Endowment

    Harry Purpur was a graduate of Bishop Blanchet High School from the Class of 1961. Additionally, Harry worked as a teacher and administrator in Catholic education for nearly fifty years. In addition to spending twenty of those years at BBHS, Harry also served as the Superintendent of Catholic Schools for the Archdiocese of Seattle and the Diocese of Orlando.

    Harry passed away in October of 2017 and this endowment serves as one way to honor Harry's commitment to Catholic education. This fund will serve to provide scholarships to students at Bishop Blanchet that experience difficulty in meeting the cost of tuition at BBHS.

    If you are interested in honoring Harry by making a donation, please know that anyone can make a gift to the Harry V. Purpur Memorial Scholarship Endowment. All gifts made are 100% tax deductible and eligible for corporate matching gifts. All gifts to this endowment will be used specifically for the purpose of growing the Harry V. Purpur Memorial Scholarship Endowment. If you have any questions you can contact Robert Lukevich, the Assistant Director of Development, Alumni Relations & Planned Giving at

    Make a gift to the Harry V. Purpur Memorial Scholarship Endowment
  • Jim Pinsoneault Beyond the Classroom Endowment

  • Little Scholarship Endowment

  • Martin Scholarship Endowment

  • Michael Ufer Program for Academic Success Endowment

  • Mo Mershon Truth & Courage Enduring Drama Endowment

    Upon her retirement as the Drama Director at Bishop Blanchet made possible by the Wiljanen Family the Mo Mershon Truth & Courage Enduring Drama Endowment was created. Mo Mershon spent 17 years as the Drama Director at BBHS. Bishop Blanchet has been known for its arts program for the duration of its existence and Mo took the program to new heights during her tenure. 

    Interest earned annually from this endowment will be restricted to drama related needs such as but not limited to: drama productions or stipends, theatre enhancements that are deemed necessary and not a part of the yearly drama budget. The purpose of this endowment is to provide a legacy of exceptional theatre education and production experience for our BBHS drama students.

    Make a Gift to the Mo Mershon Truth & Courage Enduring Drama Endowment
  • Roberts Scholarship Endowment

  • The Kevin, Linda & Henry '09 Wold Scholarship Endowment

  • Watson Family Scholarship Endowment


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You Can Help

How can you help Bishop Blanchet High School meet the challenge of maintaining economic diversity and world-class academic programs?

  • Contribute to the Bishop Blanchet General Endowment Fund.
  • Give a gift to an existing endowment.
  • Establish a new named endowment.
  • Make a planned gift to Bishop Blanchet High School.

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