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This course introduces drawing in terms of composition and the elements and principles of design. This course explores representational skills and non-representational or abstract techniques while emphasizing conceptual thinking. In this course you will be developing skills through technique and creative thinking. This is a lab course designed for students interested in expanding and improving their drawing skills and creative capabilities.
Painting is an introductory- to intermediate-level class where students learn about famous historical artists, and create artwork in a variety of wet media (such as watercolor and acrylic paints, as well as mixed media) and in a variety of styles.
Pottery & Sculpture is an introductory-level class designed to introduce the student to the creation of three-dimensional artwork. Students will work with high-fire ceramic clay using both hand-building and wheel-throwing methods. Students will learn about the history of ceramics, both of ancient cultures and modern artists.
Digital Photography is an introductory-level class where students learn how to use their own DSLR Camera. This includes an understanding of how a digital camera works, as well as its many various technical settings and modes, as students take a wide variety of photos. Students will also use Adobe Photoshop to do everything from subtly enhancing to drastically editing their own photographs.

Advance Drawing and Painting is an advance level course for students who are interested in advancing their 2D art skills. In the course, students will continue to explore the elements and principles of art, current and past practicing artists, technique and concept as it pertains to art making. Learning becomes increasingly focused on mix media, experimentation, and concepts to expand on studio habits.

An advanced-level class that builds upon the foundations of Pottery and Sculpture. Students continue to explore creative hand-building, wheel-throwing, and glazing techniques while creating functional, sculptural, and decorative clay objects. Open-ended projects require creative and individual unique student solutions.

AP Art and Design is an advanced-level class for students desiring an in-depth rigorous college-level education involving drawing, painting, collaging, printmaking, and other two-dimensional media. This class is intended for highly motivated students who are interested in further pursuing the study and creation of art. During this year-long course, students focus on their own creative vision as they produce twenty works of art that will be part of their portfolio submission to the AP College Board.

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Art Week Showcase: 1/9/23-1/13/23 @BBHS in the Ernie Rose Performing Arts Center Lobby

Fine Arts Fest: 5/18/23 6-8 pm @BBHS in the Ernie Rose Performing Arts Center Lobby

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